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Casa de Kei Narimasu


¥35,000 - ¥56,000 vacant

Tobu Tojo Line CHIKATETSUNARIMASU Station 3 minutes on foot
Tokyo Metro Yurakucho Line CHIKATETSUNARIMASU Station 8 minutes on foot

Narimasu 3-chome Itabashi Tokyo

number of rooms

2 minutes walk from Narimasu station next to Ikebukuro station! A safe house with complete security.

Excellent access to the main terminal. 9 minutes to the Ikebukuro terminal station by Tobu Tojo Line, and 19 minutes to the Shinjuku station. If you use the Chikatetsu Fukutoshin Line, you can arrive Shibuya station without transfer. All rooms are private rooms, and security is perfect. It is nice located just a 2-minute walk from the Narimasu station which with rich living infrastructure, and it is very convenient because the supermarket, the bank, the convenience store and the restaurants are within 5-minute walk. Narimasu station is a cheaper place In the Ikebukuro area, making the ease of living is by far the best. Because the IC card key is equipped at the entrance of the building, the intrusion of the suspicious person is shut out. In addition, there is a dedicated security gate on the 2nd and 3rd floors, which are women-only floors, so it is compatible with the connection between people in share houses and privacy/security in private rooms. The shared facilities are also full. A large living room with a large TV, and 2 system kitchens are provided so that you can enjoy the cooking by yourself.

Common facilities

LivingTV, Sofa
Dining table, Chair
Kitchenmicrowave, microwave_oven, rice_cooker, fridge, dish, pot, kitchen_utencil
stove,toaster oven ※fridges are on each floor
Washer4 (pay)
dryer4 (pay)
OtherShower room:unisex 5, female only 1 Washing machine & Dryer: 100 yen each time Independent washbasin: 5 Toilet with bidet : 6
Bicycle parking space-
Motorcycle storage-
parking area-


CleaningStaff: 2 times a week
Friend’s accommodationNo
NoteCleaning:cleaning company 3rd floor is women-only floor(With auto lock) No-smoking throughout


Convenience store3 min
Supermarket4 min
Drugstore3 min
Noteconvenience store: 7-eleven(2 minutes on foot), Family mart(4 minutes on foot), Lawson(4 minutes on foot) Supermarket: Business supermarket(10 minutes on foot), SEIYU(4 minutes on foot), SEIJO ISHII(8 minutes on foot), The Maruetsu(8 minutes on foot) Drug store: Cocokara fine(5 minutes on foot), Sugi Pharmacy(7 minutes on foot), Matsumotokiyoshi(7 minutes on foot), Others: Mizuho Bank(2 minutes on foot), Daiei(8 minutes on foot), Shopping street(4 minutes on foot), Post office(5 minutes on foot)

Cost Aspect

Initial costMonthly plan
・Initial deposit: 10,000 yen
・Monthly deposit: 5% of rent and common service fee
・Cleaning charge: 6,000 yen

※ No renewal fee! ※
DepositRefer to the initial cost
Cleaning chargeRefer to the initial cost
Insurance fee0 yen
Contract term6 months
Guarantor companyRequired
Parsonal IDRequired
Japanese conversation skill

※ Considering security, the icons are not pointing exact locations.
Manegement company will tell you the adress when viewing.。

  • restaurant
  • store
  • cafe
  • supermarket
  • convenience store
  • hospital
  • dentist
  • pharmacy
  • laundry
  • bank
  • post office
  • library
  • local government office
  • parking