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¥23,000 - ¥28,000

「」 Station minutes on foot.

★柏駅まで電車8分 ★個室10~13m2 ★NETFLIX見放題 ★セミダブルベット&分厚いマットレス ★超大容量シューズボックス。8~15足分/人 ★システムデスク(お化粧、仕事も楽々) ★浴槽付お風呂(しかも音楽再生機能♪) ★家電(炊飯器、冷蔵庫、レンジ、一通り) ★個別インターホン ★WiFi完備 人生の25%は寝て過ごすわけですから 広々寝て欲しくシェアハウスにはしては 珍しいセミダブルベット&マットレス! 休みの日はNETFLIXでも観ながらゴロゴロ。 ゆっくりお風呂に入って音楽聞いたり。 オシャレだって楽しんで欲しいから シューズスペースは十分確保。 ネットショッピングだって楽しみたいから 個別インターホンも導入しました。 主要駅へ電車でのアクセスが良好。 柏7分、船橋21分、北千住30分 ちょっと変わった体験ができるシェアハウス。。。 オーナーの物件リフォーム体験会やってます。 30代で不動産保有するオーナーと接するのは良い機会です。 特に将来企業したいと夢を膨らませる方にはお勧め。 勿論、自由参加ですし、興味ない入居者も大歓迎。 遠方で内覧できない方には内覧動画を送ります。 海外の方も大歓迎!

First house Mizonokuchi

*SELECTABLE TERM, LIMITED PROMOTION* Because of COVID-19, a room booked by persons who were supposed to be in Japan has been vacant. So this discount campaign is only for this time! After the coronavirus problem settle down, let’s have a party again! ①Contract more than 6 months… Room Rent would be… 7,500 yen will be deducted every month. At max, 82,500 yen discount for total! ②Contract more than 1 year… Room Rent would be… 9,000 yen will be deducted every month. At max, 108,000 yen discount for total! ≪The Requirements≫ ●Upper age limit is 39 years. ●Be able to follow the rules of the house ※1 NO living in 2 people, and NO inviting your friends are allowed due to Corona situation. ※2 This promotion is eligible for new customers.

First house Mizonokuchi

¥60,000 - ¥63,000

Denentoshi / Oimachi Line
「Mizonokuchi」Station 13 minutes on foot.

Gizonoguchi Station is conveniently located on three train lines: the Tokyu Den-en-toshi Line, the JR Nambu Line, and the Oimachi Line. With good access to Tokyo's hub stations and boasting a lot of cafes and delightful shops, Mizonokuchi is attracting attention as a popular city for young people. The station square contains the department stores Marui and Takashimaya, shopping centers, supermarkets, restaurants, drug stores, and everything you desire for a comfortable stay. Our private rooms come fully furnished with a fridge and requisite furniture. We welcome you to your new sharehouse life at this coming spring opening!


【Dormitory Campaign】 ¥32,670 per month for Dormitory Stay till 15th of Aug 2021. (※Maintenance Fee at ¥11,000 needed) (※Only ¥11,000 for an additional bed to put belongings.) 【Activity Support Plan】 A 20,000 JPY discount from the regular monthly fee limited to 3 people B 10,000 JPY discount from the regular monthly fee limited to 5 people C 5,000 JPY discount from the regular monthly fee limited to 10 people Note: Applicable to the maximum of 6 month WISE OWL HOSTELS gives a special offer to those who work or challenge their dreams such an actor, comedian, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and so on. To give the offer, we will have interview either in person or online to see if interviewee is passionate or not. It is time to re-start to pursuit your dreams. 【Trial Stay in dormitory room, at the minimum of 11,000 JPY for a week】 Until the end of August, 2021, we offer a special plan, a lower price than regular stay. 1 week (7 nights) 11,000 JPY only in dormitory room. Note: bed in dorm is selected randomly.


¥25,410 - ¥71,500

Asakusa Line
「HONJOAZUMABASHI」Station 4 minutes on foot.

WISE OWL HOSTELS RIVER TOKYO opens in January 2021! It is located at TOKYO MIZUMACHI where in between ASAKUSA and TOKYO SKYTREE. It will be the best spot not only for TOKYO sightseeing but for making friends with local. Hostel has mix dormitory, female dormitory, double-bed room and twin-bed room. All rooms are set with Simmons mattress. The lounge offers the local food and variety of drinks and suitable space for remote-work or meeting with friends.