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Urban Terrace Nakanoshima

A “co-working” share house that realizes quality work and life

Urban Terrace Nakanoshima

¥39,000 - ¥49,000

JR Nambu Line
「NAKANOSHIMA」 Station 5 minutes on foot.

A comfortable space that centers work, life and health This share house offers a comfortable and creative life all day long because it was designed considering the elements of ‘work’, ‘life’ and ‘health’.   What are the elements of ‘work’, ‘life’ and ‘health’?  WORK: Three working spaces where you can work, concentrate, and collaborate on various tasks. LIFE: A high quality dining room, a living room, and an open kitchen. HEALTH: A fitness room to help maintain your health and individual rooms in which to relax.   More and more people work at home and take online lessons these days. There are more demands for a better house environment where you spend most of your day. We believe more people realize the importance of connecting with others, since the opportunity to make such connections has been decreasing.  This share house, soon to be open, meets those needs. There is a working space, an open kitchen, and a fitness room.   All the shared spaces are on the first floor, and individual rooms and bathrooms are on the second, third and fourth floors. The private spaces and shared spaces are designed to be on separate floors, so that you can switch yourself ‘on’ or ‘off’.   On the first floor, the shared spaces have elements of ‘work’, ‘life’ and ‘health’. You can use the rooms as you wish.    Uncompromising pursuit for the three types of materials Calm colors such as grey are used for the shared spaces, which creates a unified, chic atmosphere. With this environment, you can concentrate on your work or on your online lessons. The shared spaces have a calm atmosphere, but a three-dimensional impression is given to the space, as the three types of materials, CHIC, MIX and SCENE, are used.   Currently, quality living environments and human connections are more valued than before. This is a share house where you can work and live freely and healthily, while keeping a moderate distance from others, and inspiring one another with work and hobbies.   Shared spaces that offer choices according to your mood At the lounge there are various types of chairs; a sofa, armchairs, and stools. You can choose what you like, depending on how you feel. This share house is recommended for someone who works from home or takes online lessons, because there are workspaces, a small meeting room, and a group meeting room.   Why don’t you use the fitness room where you can work out, after your work or lessons? There are two exercise bikes, two treadmills, weight training equipment, and a weight training bench in the room. Each individual room has a desk and a chair. There is a desk and a chair in each individual room, on the premise of working from home and taking online lessons. We offer more room options. There are also premium rooms with high quality interiors. An individual room is as spacious as 9.7㎡.  The convenient environment On foot, it only takes five minutes from the nearest station, Nakanoshima Station on JR East’s Nambu Line. Within three minutes from the house, you can walk to a round-the-clock supermarket. There is also another supermarket within a five-minute walk from the house. There is a convenience store and a 100-yen shop near Nakanoshima Station.

Naturee Narimasu

Now only! 2 months free rent for all tenants! Long-term tenants will receive a futon and slippers as a present. You can move in with only one bag.

Naturee Narimasu

¥50,000 - ¥59,000

Tobu Tojo Line
「NARIMASU」Station 9 minutes on foot.

2 months free rent and a brand new futon as a present! Plenty of storage space for 2 tatami mats High-speed internet connection and TV in each room Initial cost is less than 50,000 yen! We want to support the natural and beautiful women! Nature Narimasu" was opened with this in mind. This is a women-only share house with a small number of residents (maximum 5). The share house is especially popular for its storage space, which is more than two tatami mats wide. The shared kitchen and living room space is more than enough for 5 people to live together. In addition, the shared library (stacks) in the living room is well stocked with books of various genres, from business books brought in by everyone to romance, cooking books, and more. This property is recommended for those who love to cook and read. Furthermore, each room is equipped with a high-speed internet connection and TV with recording function, so you can use both internet and TV stress-free. Narimasu Station is convenient for commuting to Ikebukuro, Shinjuku Sanchome, Shibuya, Harajuku, and Yurakucho (Ginza) without having to change trains. Shared bicycles are also available, so if you want to enjoy shared living, this is the place to be. We make every effort to accommodate every detail so that all tenants can live comfortably. Right now, we are offering a special 2-month free rent and a brand-new futon as a present! Please feel free to contact us. Translated with (free version)

sherehouse WestFall kashiwa

First month rent free from the middle of the month to the end of the month

sherehouse WestFall kashiwa

¥20,000 - ¥38,000

Tobu Urban Park Line
「KASHIWA」Station 30 minutes on foot.

~About accepting foreigners~ This share house actively accepts foreigners from the perspective of intercultural exchange. Americans, Chinese, Koreans, Vietnamese, Sri Lankans, Australians, etc. can all move in as long as they can communicate in Japanese and pay the rent! ~For those who are about to move to Tokyo~ Now that teleworking is recommended, properties with good access to Tokyo are valuable. I think many people are looking for properties in Chiba, Saitama, and Kanagawa prefectures in particular. Among them, Kashiwa City is highly recommended because it has good access to Tokyo. (It is 20 minutes without transfers to Tokyo, and about 30 minutes by car) This share house also allows short-term stays (minimum 6 months. If you move out within 6 months, we will charge you one month's rent and utility fees as a penalty), so you can use it as a temporary residence until you find your style (area of ​​activity and frequency of going to Tokyo). It is very economical because there are no agency fees, deposits, or key money required for normal rentals! ~For those who have pets~ For those who currently have pets or are thinking of getting one, [any number of pets is welcome]♪ Most share houses do not allow pets, but the owner of this property loves dogs and cats, so we would love for everyone to keep one! By having many people keep pets, people who have been holding back on getting other dog breeds will be able to interact with other owners' pets and double their happiness!! (The fee is 1000 yen per pet on top of the rent) ~For those with children~ This share house is [for those with children] welcome! Families can move in! We opened this share house with the hope that people can live a richer life in this world where it is difficult to live due to various factors. By spreading out the children's playmates, the physical and mental burden on parents will surely be reduced to some extent. It also has a positive effect on children. Children who grow up receiving love from many close adults are many times happier than those who are looked after by one or two parents. This is something I have seen from my visits to many guesthouses. And for other residents without children, it is a soothing experience, they are energized, and they often learn from the children. It also provides a simulated experience of raising children, and I think everyone can see the benefits. We hope you will consider this as one of the factors to consider.

AOIE Shimotakaido

【a first-month rent-free campaign】 We are currently running a first-month rent-free campaign! If you decide to move into AOIE through this website, the first month's rent will be free. (Move in on the 1st, and get the first month free!) Immediate move-ins and online viewings are also available. Why not consider taking advantage of this opportunity?

AOIE Shimotakaido

¥32,000 - ¥67,000

「SHIMOTAKAIDO」Station 5 minutes on foot.

In Akatsutsumi (Shimotakaido), AOIE boasts one of the most spacious living rooms. The abundant sunlight, even in winter, creates a consistently bright and cheerful atmosphere. Whether you choose to unwind in the living room with a book or TV, relax in the large and beautiful bathtub in the bathroom, or enjoy the sunset on the expansive balcony, there is an ideal environment for everyone to create their own moments. It's a community house where both residents and visitors can shape their unique experiences. (A word from a resident) One of the things I love most about the area around Shimotakaido Station, the nearest station to AOIE Akatsutsumi, is the lively shopping street. While there are chain stores and supermarkets, what stands out are the traditional greengrocers and butcher shops. Additionally, there are ramen shops, specialty fried chicken stores, and izakayas, creating a vibrant neighborhood where you can feel the pulse of people's lives just by taking a stroll. Moreover, the shared spaces like the living room, balcony, and bathroom are powerful areas that fully support each individual's desired time. Whether it's rejuvenating the tired body and mind, pursuing your passions, or having spirited conversations with friends, these spaces cater not only to residents but also to visitors, making it a place you'll want to return to. Please come and visit – I'm sure you'll want to come back again!