Be the Shibuya master! Get to know Shibuya if you want to know Japan!

Introducing one of the best neighborhoods in Japan.

Hi! Greetings from Japan! Recently I visited Taiwan, and it was a wonderful experience. Great food, warmness towards Japanese people, and what have you. A town named Jiufen, which became the inspiration for the anime “Spirited Away,” lights up in red lanterns covering the amazing architecture around town. Strolling around in Jiufen makes you feel like a part of the anime, and also a sense of pride of being Japanese. Equally amazing like Taiwan, Japan also has a number of beautiful destinations. This time let’s talk about the young neighborhood, Shibuya.

A must-see spot in Shibuya!

In 2017, Shibuya was ranked number 10 on the list of most popular neighborhoods to live at. With its accessible location, and fashion buildings such as SHIBUYA109 or PARCO, trend loving people of all ages gather in this neighborhood. Shibuya station is currently under a major renovation for the 2020 Olympics, making it much more convenient. Let’s go through some other facts about Shibuya.

■The famous crossing! “Scramble Crossing”

It’s not a crossing; it’s THE crossing that you cannot miss when in Shibuya. Around 3000 people cross this intersection at one time and almost half a million people a day!

Shibuya crossing is well-known worldwide and people from all over the world come to take pictures of it. Scramble crossing is also used as the background for the Japanese weather forecast channels, and many other programs. So, look out for the cameras, you could be on Japanese tv as well.

Scramble crossing is surrounded by skyscrapers covered in neon lights giving the crossing a breathtaking view. Plus, the thousands of people crossing just adds to the beauty of this spot. You should definitely experience it firsthand at least once if you are in Tokyo.

■The Meet-up point “Hachiko”

A dog statue just outside the Shibuya station. It is not just a regular dog statue, it is the famous dog Hachi, that also has a Hollywood movie dedicated to it. Hachi was a pet Akita inu, that would wait for his owner everyday outside the Shibuya station. Hachi patiently waited for the next nine years at the station after its owner passed away. In the honor of its loyalty, a statue was erected outside the Shibuya station named “The Faithful Hachiko Statue.”

Since its unveiling in 1934, people have been using this location as the meet-up spot. If you decide to meet up with your friends or your loved ones, try using Hachiko statue as the point instead of wandering around.

■The spiritual spot “Meiji Jingu”

A magnificent shrine in the middle of the metropolitan, it was built to worship the Emperor Meiji and Empress Shoken. Tokyo, being a global hub, is focused on business, fashion, and modernity. Therefore, you do not encounter much of nature. Just within the Meiji Jingu shrine premises there are almost 100,000 trees. One step in and you feel like you are out of the big city with negative ions in the air.

Popular amongst people of all ages and gender, they come to pray for their well-being and healthy relationships. Meiji Jingu shrine is said to get over 3 million visitors in first three days of the new year. A shrine where one can pay a causal visit, as well as get married in a traditional Japanese way, Meiji Jingu shrine is one of its kind.

■Can’t miss “WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA” when in Shibuya

My number one recommendation, WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA.Enjoy the streets. Live life to the max. Make it your unforgettable trip. A perfect accommodation for that would be no other than WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA. It is a lot cheaper compared to hotels other hotels in the neighborhood, with prices starting at 3,300 yen. For the reasonable prices, this hostel is popular amongst local and the foreign travelers.

WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIBUYA frequently hosts events at the hostel, such as Mexican food event, Halloween event, etc. Not just the guests, but outsiders are more than welcome to join as well. It is a perfect place to encounter new people and new friendships!

WISE OWL CAFE opened in October 2018. You can get freshly roasted coffee from just 200 yen. Furthermore, there is free wifi. A nice quiet space out of the hustling Shibuya, where you can take a coffee break in between your busy day. Make sure to check it out if you happen to be in Shibuya!!

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A Share House for Shibuya lovers

Shibuya; well-known for its fashion stores, tourist spots, and its easy access from various parts of the city. Wouldn’t you like to live in a place like this? If you are just visiting Shibuya for a few days then WISE OWL HOSTELS SHIUBYA is the place to be, but if you are here long-term, then I strongly recommend staying at a share house. Reasonable prices for long-term, and take in all that Shibuya has to offer. I will list down some of the best offers down below!

JamHouse Amaterasu

Spacious living room perfect for house parties.

JamHouse Amaterasudetails】

Tokyu Den en Toshi Line, Komazawa Daigaku Station 4mins on foot
Tokyu Setagaya Line, Shoin-jinja Mae Station 15mins on foot
18mins bus to Shibuya
5mins bus to Sangenjaya

Komazawa, Setagaya ward, Tokyo


November, 2018 census, 30 percent of the residents are foreigners, with age group ranging from 20 to 64. The location is not far from Shibuya, but not too close to hear all the busy city hustles.
Selling point is the spacious 472 sq. ft. living room; making every day more exciting than ever.

If interested, click→ 【JamHouse Amaterasu

■XROSS Harajuku 4

Modern share house with concrete walls.

XROSS Harajuku 4details】

☆ Access
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line, Kita-sando Station 3mins on foot
JR Chuo Sobu Line, Sendagaya Station 7mins on foot
Toei Oedo Line, Kokuritsu Kyogijido Station 9mins on foot
2mins train ride to Shinjuku, 4mins to Shibuya, 14mins to Ikebukuro!

☆ Location
Sendagaya, Shibuya ward, Tokyo

☆ Remarks
Walkable distance from the famous Meiji Jingu shrine, as well as the fashion district of Harajuku.
It is located on 4mins train ride away from Shibuya, so you do not have to worry about carrying your shopping bags for a long time.
Reasonable rent starting from 30,000 yen! Highly recommended for people trying to move to Japan!

For further details, click→ 【XROSS Harajuku 4

■Bacchus Shimokitazawa

Located just 10 minutes train ride away from Shibuya and Shinjuku.

Bacchus Shimokitazawadetails】

☆ Access
Keio Inokashira Line / Odakyu Odawara Line, Shimokitazawa Station 7mins on foot
Odakyu Odawara Line, Higashikitazawa 4mins on foot

☆ Location
Kitazawa, Setagaya ward, Tokyo

☆ Remarks
Cafe vibes as shown in the picture. AND, you can use the space as a cafe in the daytime and a bar at nighttime. Furthermore, you can even rent out the book the while place to host private parties!
Invite your friends for a house party, and then head out to Shibuya. If you are a party lover, this share house is definitely your dream place.
Located in the heart of Tokyo; only 10 minutes to Shinjuku and Shibuya!

For further details, click→ 【Bacchus Shimokitazawa


Let’s make unforgettable memories in Shibuya!

The youth town, Shibuya.

Shibuya being one of the most populous neighborhoods in Tokyo, one may consider sound pollution before moving to Shibuya. But…
Starting with Meiji Jingu shrine, you can definitely feel united with the nature.

With ample of options for making your day THE day (from apparels to restaurants, from live houses to museums), Shibuya is no doubt one of the most exciting places in Japan. Shibuya has been going under heavy construction for the 2020 Olympics, pretty exciting how it would turn out to be!

If you ever come to Japan, make sure to visit Shibuya. I assure you won’t regret it!