How about basing Shinjuku and explore Japan?

Introducing cool spots of Japan!

Hi! How’s it going everyone!
I will be visiting Australia in March 2019 with 2 friends!

One of the guys has never been abroad, so these days he is super busy making his passport, credit card and what not.
For some reason I feel the responsibility to take care of him.

One of the insecurities is the trains. I can never get used to the trains in different countries; how to buy tickets, which line to get on. I used to take Japanese railway system for granted until a non-Japanese friend of mine told me how complicated Japanese trains were for a foreigner.

I guess its easier once you get used to the system? I guess I’ll just go with the flow and enjoy Australia LOL.
Having said that, today I will be talking about the busiest train station in Japan, Shinjuku!

Noticable aspects of Shinjuku!

Shinjuku, a hub used by 3.5 million commuters each day.

With a numerous lines passing Shinjuku, it makes Shinjuku an easily accessible town.
By the way, Shinjuku is also the capital of Tokyo Metropolis, with all the government builidngs located here.
Fashion district to the South-East exit, and business district to the West.
Interesting part of Shinjuku is that all the exits has different sections.

Lets look into basic information of Shinjuku.

A place that never changes, “Shinjuku Golden gai”

First spot up, is just 6 minutes walk away from Shinjuku station East exit, “Shinjuku Golden gai.”
The streets look a little intimidating with over 200 bars spread all around.
Every bar has its own unique characteristics!
From Japanese sake, to deep-fried skewers, to meat cutlets.

Try bar-hopping in Shinjuku Golden gai, you won’t regret it.

Apparently non-touristy looking places are popular amongst toursits.
Retro districts with old bars; definitely interesting!

“Omoide Yokocho,” the alley of memories

A little similar to Golden gai, but eaiser for solo travelers to visit, “Omoide Yokocho.”

This alley is just 3 minutes walk away from Shinjuku station West exit.
With over 40 bars in this alley, you have many bars you can choose to go to!

Tour around Tokyo all day and go for a couple drinks in Omoide Yokocho. A good change of atmosphere for sure.
Retro streets, different type of people; a must-go spot for alcohol lovers!!

Robot Show? “Robot Restaurant”

Robot Restaurant has been popular amongst foreigners since its opening. Over 90% of their customers are foreigners.
It is the only place where you can enjoy robots’ dance and parade.

The show changes day by day to fit the times. Staff speaks English so even if you do not speak Japanese, you will have no problems.

One robot show goes on for 90 minutes.
The theme for the shows is “Japan,” from music to the projections. Therefore, you can also experience bits of Japanese culture during the shows.
If you are seeking a unique experience, you cannot miss this place!

Peace in the midst of chaotic Metropolis, “Shinjuku Gyouen”

Some people think of Japan as a nature paradise.
Shinjuku Gyouen is definitely an oasis in a big city.

Almost 10,000 trees are spread over in this park. With entrance fee of just 200 yen, and its closeness to the nearest station, it is a very popular spot.

This park was established in 1906 with the fusion of French and British styled gardens along with the traditional Jpanese gardening ways.
A big chunk of nature in the middle of the concrete jungle almost feels like New York’s Central Park.

The scenery changes every 4 seasons.

It also became a model for an anime.
There are designated areas for eating, also you can bring your own food from outside.
A peaceful lunch surrounded by nature sounds good, doesn’t it?

If you are in Tokyo, you have to check this park out!!

Explore Japan living with Shinjuku as your base!

The best part is definitely the easy access by trains to and from Shinjuku.

Start off in Shinjuku and then head out to the youth district of Shibuya or the traditional Asakusa.
You will never run out of things to do in Shinjuku.
Shinjuku is the hub of Japan where all the people, trains and businesses come together.

Once you decide to move to Shinjuku, make sure to explore Japan as much as you can!