The name branding power is incredible! What is “Roppongi”, the town that adults admire?

What kind of town would you like to move to?

HI! How’s everyone doing today! I’m recently thinking to move! How long have you lived in your house? The longer you live, the more attached you get the house and it makes it harder to move out.

That is exactly what I’m going through. Right now, I live 20mins away by train from the big town Shinjuku. The apartment manager is friendly and there is a public hot spring and coin laundry across the street, an amazing house I’ve lived for 6 years. But honestly, the same thing can get boring. On one side I think “I want to try and live in a different town”, while the other side thinks “It’s such a waste to let go of this great house”. Well, some day I’ll probably move to a country side town with lots of nature or a fancy downtown LOL.

I will be introducing a town in Japan called Roppongi, which is relatively a fancy downtown. One of the real estate company created a survey asking people between their 20s-50s “which town within the city makes you feel rich”, and Roppongi was number 4. With many towns in Tokyo, number 4 is incredible. You can understand that the name brand of Roppongi is so high.

So, let’s start checking the town that admires adults, Roppongi!

Noticable aspects of Roppongi!

There are a lot of foreigners living in Roppongi. Even Japanese guidebooks call it “the town that gathers many foreigners”! The reason for its popularity is “there are many embassies in roppongi area”, “there are many restaurants that suit foreigners”, “foreigners invite other foreigners”, and many more reasons, but we won’t know until we actually visit there ourselves.

So, let me introduce 4 major spots in Roppongi! There must be a good reason to why this town gathers foreigners! Please go check it with your own eyes・ー・!

■It’s not only for amusement! Enjoy art as well, “Roppongi HIlls”

You can say Roppongi Hills symbolizes Roppongi. This big general facility includes amusement facilities such as a movie theater and art museum, as well as observatory, hotel, TV station, and over 200 stores of shops and restaurants.

I would like you to take a great look at the building’s appearance!

Roppongi Hills has a high rise office building called “Mori Tower”. This building was made from the idea of the Japanese traditional culture “origami and armor”.
The inside of the building exhibits Japanese as well as all kinds of worldwide art. Therefore, you can enjoy art from both inside and outside of the tower.

■A town where greens and people gather, “Tokyo Midtown”

Another famous tourist spot in Roppongi is Tokyo Midtown.
The context is similar to Roppongi Hills, but the biggest difference is the nature!

40% of Midtown includes the park and a vast green area, where you can feel the Japanese nature.

Different flowers bloom with each season, especially the masterpieve of over 100 Yoshino cherry blossom trees in the spring. At night, they light up the trees, which gives another taste of beauty to the cherry blossoms.

After enjoying shopping and the art museum, you can relax with the nature in midtown. If you are lucky, 25 types of birds might come with the cherry blossoms?

■A must entertainment place in Roppongi, “Roppongi Kingyo”

Another reason why a lot of foreigners gather in roppongi is because “there are a lot of places where you can enjoy drinking”. One of those places is Roppongi Kingyo.
The rumors say that world known movie directors and fashion designers visit as well.

You can spend a luxurious time watching neutral gender dancers perform magical and powerful acts while enjoying your foods and drinks.

The maximum capacity of people is 170 which is not a big stage, so it is recommended to reserve beforehand.
Please enjoy the Roppongi night!

■Enjoy its calm atmosphere with time, “The National Art Center”

This is also a tourist must spot! The National Art Center is one of the largest art museum in Japan.
They put a lot of effort in the deisgn of the building, where the deisgn of its appearance is a one and only. The reason why the wall is a wavy glass is to let the sunlight through the leaves into the building so you can feel the warmth of the sun within inside.

Enjoy a full day in the exhibition that utilizes Japan’s largest exhibition space, that has limited edition souvenirs, and a Japanese art museum that can be proudful abroad.

The art museum is directly connected to the Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Nogizaka station, so the transportation access is easy.

Share houses for those who are interested in Roppongi

From all you can get in Roppongi Hills to Tokyo Midtown where you can enjoy its nature. With many drinking places and Japan’s largest art museum. We understand now that the town with many foreigners, “Roppongi” has many big-scale stores and building.

The big town “Roppongi”, maybe you can find out the secret of why the town is popular to foreigners if you live here??

For those of you interested! Please check out these share houses!!


HOUSE ROPPONGI 1944 details

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line・Toei Oedo line Roppongi station 3mins on foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Nogizaka station 6mins on foot

Roppongi, Minato ward, Tokyo


※This is a women-only house※
HOUSE ROPPONGI 1944 is a rare property where you can share house in a residential house with a garden at “the town that makes you feel rich ranked number 4”.
There is many storage space and a security camera equipped, so there is nothing to worry about even if it’s your first time to live in Japan!
It is 3mins on foot to Roppongi station so it’s convenient!

■Keyakizaka NEST

Toei Oedo line Roppongi station 6mins on foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Nogizaka station 6mins on foot
Tokyo Metro Chiyoda line Akasaka station 8mins on foot

Akasaka, Minato ward, Tokyo


Keyakizaka NEST is simply a cool share house!
It has a brown based vintage styled sharing lounge, a professional kitchen, and spaceous nice rooms.
It is right behind the nature filled Midtown where they have restaurants and art museums so you can spend an elegant life inside the house as well as outside.

■ninetytwo13 by Tokyo Chapter

ninetytwo13 by Tokyo Chapter details

Tokyo Metro Hibiya line Roppongi station 5mins on foot
Toei Oedo line Azabujuban station 5mins on foot
9mins on train to Shinkjuku

Moto-Azabu, Minato ward, Tokyo


※This is a women-only house※
This is a new property build in 2018.
Since it is new and the interior is very nice! And every once another day, a cleaning staff will come over so you can always live in a clean atmosphere.
Also, it is 3mins on foot to the all you can get Roppongi HIlls and 9mins on the train to the big city Shinjuku so it is very convenient.
How about an ideal living in roppongi at the great location “ninetytwo 13 by Tokyo Chapter”?

Enjoy all kinds of sides of Roppongi!

When I was young, I used to unintentionally image that “people who live in Roppongi are probably rich CEOs and celebrities”. The average monthly rent in Roppongi is still quite high, so you can live cheaper than average monthly rent in a share house. This generation has become so convenient. LOL

The town that adults admire, and the town with many foreigners, shows all kinds of sides of Rppongi.

You can actually see the Tokyo Tower nicely, so we look forward to seeing you in Roppongi from your sightseeing! I believe you will find a side of Roppongi that only you can see・ー・!