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Meet-up events at share house? Party?
Introducing events hosted by the Share Company!

Not just the residents, but anyone is welcome to join Share Company hosted a meet-up event end of May. This party is not just for the residents, but for anyone interested in meeting new people☆ Almost 40 people participated in this event. Now we are reporting how that party was!. WHAT is a PARTY ? Last party hosted was held from the evening so people working day jobs could easily join as well. The location was THE FORUM Kitasando, which is within 10 minutes walking distance from JR Yoyogi station and Tokyo Metro Kitasando station. Since March this year, the Share Company has been hosting events each month for the… Read More »

The name branding power is incredible! What is “Roppongi”, the town that adults admire?

I will be introducing a town in Japan called Roppongi, which is relatively a fancy downtown. One of the real estate company created a survey asking people between their 20s-50s “which town within the city makes you feel rich”, and Roppongi was number 4. With many towns in Tokyo, number 4 is incredible. You can understand that the name brand of Roppongi is so high.
So, let’s start checking the town that admires adults, Roppongi!

Ikebukuro, the town that raised Japanese manga and anime culture

Do you know the second Akihabara, Ikebukuro?
Hi! How’s everyone doing today! We will be introducing you to the people busy town, Ikebukuro. Do you know about Ikebukuro, Japan?
The popular town “Akihabara” is a worldwide known town for its Japanese anime culture. However, Ikebukuro has as much anime related contents as Akihabara!

How about basing Shinjuku and explore Japan?

Shinjuku, a hub used by 3.5 million commuters each day.
With a numerous lines passing Shinjuku, it makes Shinjuku an easily accessible town.
By the way, Shinjuku is also the capital of Tokyo Metropolis, with all the government builidngs located here.

Asakusa, the perfect reflection of Japan.

The country with all 4 seasons, is what comes to mind when you think of Japan?
Hi! How’s everyone doing today! It has been getting colder and colder these days. Don’t you just hate being lazy to go out just because of the cold?
Laziness aside, winter in Japan is absolutely beautiful.

A cozy place to people and cats.

Hello! I am “SharehouseCouri014” foreign resident support manager! Let’s begin your lifestyle experience in Japan.
For those who have any concerns or anxieties, we can do our best to address them.

Be the Shibuya master! Get to know Shibuya if you want to know Japan!

In 2017, Shibuya was ranked number 10 on the list of most popular neighborhoods to live at. With its accessible location, and fashion buildings such as SHIBUYA109 or PARCO, trend loving people of all ages gather in this neighborhood. Shibuya station is currently under a major renovation for the 2020 Olympics, making it much more convenient. Let’s go through some other facts about Shibuya.