Meet-up events at share house? Party?
Introducing events hosted by the Share Company!

Not just the residents, but anyone is welcome to join

Share Company hosted a meet-up event end of May.

This party is not just for the residents, but for anyone interested in meeting new people☆

Almost 40 people participated in this event.

Now we are reporting how that party was!.


Last party hosted was held from the evening so people working day jobs could easily join as well. The location was THE FORUM Kitasando, which is within 10 minutes walking distance from JR Yoyogi station and Tokyo Metro Kitasando station.

Since March this year, the Share Company has been hosting events each month for the residents and people interested in share houses.

Every event has a theme. Theme for March’s event as Cheery blossoms, April’s event was combined with the 2nd anniversary of the hostel run by the Share Company, and May’s event was sushi!

With around 350 pieces of sushi and lots of alcohol, everybody had a great time eating, drinking and talking to each other.

Making 40 servings of sushi in front of you? The amazing chef…

Seeing almost 350 pieces of sushi being made in front of you, thats something you don’t see everyday.

The great chef who amazed everyone at the event.

Mr. Oba is a chef who cooks at parties and events, as well as households.

Actually, Mr. Oba also used to live in a share house.

Upon his arrival to Tokyo to chase his dreams to be a chef, he lived in a share house until the October of 2018.

Living in a share house is definitely much better than living alone. You get to meet so many different people, making wonderful connections, and opens up more opportunities. Thats one reason how I ended up being a chef lol.

Once a resident of the share house, and now hosting events at the share house. Its all about the connections he made during his life at the share house, with the fellow residents and also with the Share Company.

Some think they may not be able to make friends in the share house, but end up making beautiful connections for life. Same for myself. Once a resident at this share house and the company gave me this opportunity to cook at the event. I could not be more grateful.

Being able to connect your work with the contacts you make at a share house is amazing.

This time he made sushi for almost 40 people with the help of an assistant! Thank you for the delicious dishes!!

Mr. Oba’s Instagram!)

Details of the Share Company’ event!

The event started in the evening.

There was a small line at the reception. Everyone was asked to write down the name of their share houses; people not living in share houses but interested in one were made to write down the areas they would like to live at.

It gave everyone a mutual topic to talk about and definitely was an ice breaker. From every corner, you could hear similar questions like “you live in this are house?” “hey, I work near your share house! Hows living in that area?”

Participation fee was 1,500 yen.

Fresh sushi and all you can drink alcohol was separate, but still at a very reasonable price of 1,500 yen!!!

Of course there were soft drinks as well for people who cannot drink alcohol lol.

At first, you could hear the BGM as most of the people did not know each other. But as time passed, drinks took over, the music faded away and all you could hear was happy voices!

The counter area gave the event a very cozy bar feeling to it which was great.

And not to forget, the delicious sushi!

From sea urchin to salmon roe to tuna to whitebait… all the items you could wish for when eating sushi!

Opening up new conversations while waiting for the sushi being made for you.

This event had some attendants who had just moved in at the share house, or people who were invited by their resident friends.

People of all ages, occupations and backgrounds attended the event; the main reason what share houses are for: connecting people.

By the end of the event, you could hear “ill definitely visit your share house soon,” or “Lets do takoyaki party soon!”

Events like this are hosted each month by the Share Company.

  • “I want to move in to a share house, but not too sure…”
  • “It would be great to hear the opinions of the actual share house residents”
  • “I want to connect with many different people!”

Come join us at our next event to if you have any curiosities!

Or contact us anytime if you have any inquiries!!