Ikebukuro, the town that raised Japanese manga and anime culture

Do you know the second Akihabara, Ikebukuro?

Hi! How’s everyone doing today! We will be introducing you to the people busy town, Ikebukuro. Do you know about Ikebukuro, Japan?

The popular town “Akihabara” is a worldwide known town for its Japanese anime culture. However, Ikebukuro has as much anime related contents as Akihabara!

Some of the major areas include the apartment “Tokiwa So” where the famous manga writer and illustrator Osamu Tezuka (Mighty Atom) and Fujiko F. Fujio (Doraemon) lived during their teenage years, and the “Otome Road” where anime fan girls gather. Because the town connects the origins and forefront of manga, Ikebukuro gathers many anime fans.

I’ve recently hung out in Ikebukuro and saw people wearing cosplay of anime characters walking casually throughout the town. It was a strange scenery but also an interesting town LOL.

Noticable aspects of Ikebukuro!

Anime culture has dramatically raised interest in Ikebukuro. In 2020, the manga and anime themed “Tokiwa So Museum” is planned to open. New events are expanding for the upcoming Tokyo Olympics so don’t miss checking this town out if you are a fan of Japanese anime culture.

Ikebukuro is not only about anime. There are plenty of leisure facilities and restaurants to go with your family and friends. It has been decided that the largest movie theater in Kanto region will open in July 2019.

Let’s check out the fascinating town, Ikebukuro together!

■For manga and anime fans! All the merchandise you want can be found in “Animate Ikebukuro Honten”

The first place to check out is here! “Animate”, which is 3mins on foot from JR line Ikebukuro station.

The amount of anime goods they have in this shop is far more than any. There is over 120 shops in Japan, making it the largest anime shop in Japan. And it’s “main shop” is in Ikebukuro. Having Japan’s number 1 anime shop’s main branch in Ikebukuro is extraordinary.

There is also anime related fairs and events every month limited within the main shop. Such as autograph session and handing out free limited edition illustration card with anime voice actors/actresses or manga writers/illustrators etc. It has everything that you would want if you’re an anime fan.

Further information is regularly updated on their official homepage so make sure to check out your favorite anime fairs or events!

■【Anime x Cafe】Always full thanks to it’s popularity “Animate Cafe”

The place worth visiting with Animate Honten is “Animate Cafe”.

Not only can you enjoy the atmosphere and the food collaboration of popular anime and games, there are anime goods that are only sold in Animate Cafe.

The most oustanding is the “limited edition coaster”. The coaster comes with the drink you order, and each coaster has a character illustration drawn. Also, since the coaster comes with the drink you order, you can get it for free! Being able to receive a high quality coaster for free is a definite goods for anime fans!

There are 3 Animate Cafe shops in Ikebukuro. Each shop has different anime and game collaboration depending on the season so it is recommended to check it out before visiting. If you have time, you can visit all 3 shops and deeply enjoy the anime world!

■Where children and adults can enjoy all day, “Ikebukuro Sunshine City”

The representative shopping mall and leisure facility of Ikebukuro that has everything, is the powerful building “Ikebukuro Sunshine City” LOL.

This is one of my favorite spots to go to when I go to Ikebukuro, but the facility they have is incredible! They have an aquarium, observatory, interactive attractions and events in “Namja Town”, planitarium, Japanese clothes shops, variety goods shops, and restaurants all in Sunshine City.

It is an extraordinary place that would take more than a day to look around, so you would never get bored when visiting with your family, friends, or as a date with your partner.

■Where arts and culture can be experience, “Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre”

The world’s largest pipe organ is placed in “Tokyo Metropolitan Theatre”.
Pipe organ is an instrument that you can’t get to see often so it might be nice to see it with your own eyes and listen to its sound.

There is also an enormous hall in the theatre that can easily fit an orchestra of 120 players and a choir of 200 people. Why not enjoy a luxurious time in Japan’s top class theatre and watch a stage with an orchestra performing. It will definitly be refreshing.

The threatre is 2mins on foot from JR line Ikebukuro station! The theatre is in a great location.

Share houses for those who are interested in Ikebukuro

The almighty Ikebukuro, where you can enjoy Japanese anime culture to its art culture, where you can do shopping and hang out in its large shopping mall.

For those who want to enjoy their hobbies, it might be a good idea to stay near Ikebukuro.

Let me introduce you to some share houses in Ikebukuro area!

■COURI 026 Ikebukuro

COURI 026 Ikebukuro details

All lines Ikebukuro station 11mins on foot
Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line Kanamecho station 10mins on foot
Kokusai Kogyo bus Nakamarucho 1min on foot from bus stop
(Ikebukuro South exit bus stop 7mins on foot)

Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo


A great location where it takes only 11mins walk to Ikebukuro!
The interior is wood base so you can stay in a stress free atmosphere with warmness and calm.
Depending on the room, there are lofts and a bay window and other characteristics. If you are interested, it is a share house that you would want to check out with your own eyes.

■ARDEN Kanamecho l Women-only

ARDEN Kanamecho details

Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin line・Tokyo Metro Yurakucho line Kanamecho station 5mins on foot
All JR lines・Tokyo Metro Marunouchi line Ikebukuro station 10mins on foot
18min on train to Shibuya, 15mins to Shinjuku

Nishi Ikebukuro, Toshima ward, Tokyo


※This is a women-only house※
One of the important points for women when deciding where to live, is safety and security. In ARDEN Kanamecho, the building manager is on site so this share house is recommended for women who want to enjoy Ikebukuro!
Why not visit Ikebukuro and immerse into your hobbies!

■SAMURAI FLAG Otsuka l Women-only capsule type private room

SAMURAI FLAG Otsuka details

JR Yamanote line Otsuka station 3mins on foot
Toden Arakawa line Otsuka Eki Mae station 4mins on foot
3 mins on train to Ikebukuro station, 11mins to Shinjuku station

Kita Otsuka, Toshima ward, Tokyo


※This is a women-only house※
All rooms in the share house is capsule type. It opened recently in 2017 and so it is very nice and clean. Since the building manager can speak English and Chinese, guests from abroad are always WELCOME!
Enjoy Ikebukuro while staying at the new and reasonably priced share house!

Let’s enjoy the entertaining Ikebukuro!

We have introduced Ikebukuro for people who are anime fans, however, there are many shops unrelated to anime as well. Furthermore, the transportation access is great, and is known to Japanese people as a “town that you can enjoy without getting bored”.

As a person who lives in Japan and says that you can enjoy all day without getting bored, I assume that people visiting from abroad will enjoy Ikebukuro without getting bored for at least a week! LOL

For anime fans and for those who are not, please enjoy the anime・manga culture and history, as well as shopping and watching performing arts ・ー・!