A cozy place to people and cats.


I am “SharehouseCouri014” foreign resident support manager! Let’s begin your lifestyle experience in Japan.
For those who have any concerns or anxieties, we can do our best to address them.

For example, understanding kanji, and assisting when shopping, learning how to say a phrase in Japanese.
If I can be of assistance within my ability, by all means please do not hesitate to ask.



The other day, we had a house party with German and Switzerland guests.
They participated in cooking a delicious dinner.
Our spacious living quarters and well equipped kitchen allows all to enjoy cultural enrichment in a comfortable setting.
Either way, while in Japan you can definitely experience “Japanese homemade cooking” very often. You are, after all “home” and can enjoy a great experience without worrying about spending much money.

We have a “management” house cat called Nyaros. Wherever we return from being out, Nyaros always comes back to greet us. Nyaros keeps us company and is the resident’s idol! She is great to be with, a house pet just like one’s home.


And some of us are living with their cats.
They sometimes come to the living room with cats and play thgether.
Cats seem to like running around the wide living room.
COURI014 is a cozy place to people and cats.
We help each other to take care of the cats when owners go away from home.
That is a really good point to live in COURI014.
So feel free to come and enjoy, and we always welcome people from all over the world and cats!